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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our District

Brian grew up on a farm near Cheney Lake. He has two older sisters who are married and reside in Nebraska. His younger brother lives in Salina with his wife. His youngest sister just graduated from K-State, and gets married this year. Brian's dad stays involved in agriculture working for a local Coop, and his mom teaches both high school art and Spanish. 

After graduating from Pretty Prairie High School, Brian received his degree in Accounting from Friends University in Wichita. Since graduating in 2008, he has worked for Koch Industries. His experience there involves corporate taxation, logistics, fertilizer sales and project management; it even took him to Australia for 5 months in 2015. During these years, he has learned invaluable lessons in business and interacting with people across multiple industries and backgrounds.  


When not working, Brian enjoys spending time with his family and participating in a wide range of hobbies. He remains involved within the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, sits on the Advisory Council for The Lord's Diner and is a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentor in Sedgwick County. 

He is constantly amazed and encouraged by the generosity and hospitality of Kansans. He is proud to be a Kansan, and looks forward to contributing to its growth. 

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