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Kansas is a special place. I will work diligently to minimize taxes while partnering with individuals and businesses to see our state flourish. We have a wonderful mix of rural and urban areas that offer great opportunities. I will not let money or special interest groups influence my decisions. 
Kansas Values

Brian will continue to be a champion for the family, private property rights, and helping our law enforcement and first responders. During his time in Topeka, he fully supported pro-life legislation and conservative values.


For the people of Kansas to succeed, we need a broad business base and skilled workers. A key to continued growth is letting employers know the state is easy to work with and will not be a barrier to entry. Our job is to set the groundwork for entrepreneurs to build their businesses and thrive. 


Reign in spending while focusing on the core functions of infrastructure, safety and health. While in Topeka, Brian worked to lower property taxes and cut back the budget. With his experience in the legislature as vice-chair of the tax committee, he can work with key individuals at the capitol to ensure we continue to make policy that is fair for individuals and businesses.

Health Care

Healthcare continues to be a challenge at the federal and state levels. Kansas needs to focus on providing appropriate reimburse rates to hospitals while being focused on helping the most amount of people. We have to continue to focus on mental health and how we can partner with communities across the state to address this issue.

The youth of today are our future. We must invest in them. Brian is  fortunate to know many great teachers across our district; we need to listen and understand how we can best help them. We are continuing to work towards fair special education funding for each district. The formulas are complicated, but we need to do the right thing. We are tasked with setting a budget each year, so I will continue to work to understand the situation while spending those dollars wisely.

We must retain talent. To be competitive in the future Kansas needs an educated and skilled labor force. By having a dynamic education system, we can achieve this. 
According to the Heritage Foundation, Kansas ranks 17th nationally for election security. We must continue to work to make these as secure and reliable as possible. 
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