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I will work diligently and tirelessly to hear what concerns our citizens need addressed. I will then listen to the experts on how to address those issues, and work with fellow colleagues to fix those problems. 
Kansas Values

Society hinges on its beliefs and values. We need to ensure that Kansas protects life and respects traditional Kansas values.


Additionally, Kansas needs to address mental health and child welfare. Our great citizens never shy away from helping a neighbor in need. 


The youth of today are our future. We must invest in them. My goal is to increase the reading level of 3rd grade students by focusing on children during their early critical years. Too many students fall behind and never catch up.

We must spend wisely to ensure more dollars are reaching the classroom vs administrative costs. Kansas is home to many wonderful teachers, and we need to be certain they are properly equipped to teach their students. 

We must retain talent. To be competitive in the future Kansas needs an educated and skilled labor force. By having a dynamic education system, we can achieve this. 


Agriculture is a backbone of the Kansas economy. While in Topeka, I will fight for our farmers and ranchers to ensure their concerns are heard at the state level. We need to guarantee the playing field is fair for all marketing their products. 


Get the government out of way. Each new law and regulation only further hampers innovation and entrepreneurship. Kansas has a long history of forming groundbreaking business ventures. We need to foster an atmosphere where those ideas and individuals can flourish.


Just like a household, the state budget has to be balanced. Every tax dollar needs to be spent wisely, and each tax thoroughly scrutinized. Once a government program is in place, it rarely goes away. 


Healthcare has long been a challenge at both the federal and state level. Each time the government gets involved, the more complicated and expensive the process becomes. We need to implement sensible laws that allow the free market to effectively and efficiently work. 

Protecting the Constitution and Privacy

The Bill of Rights is the lifeblood of America. We must do everything we can to defend those rights. Ranging from our freedom of speech to the right to bear arms, these are essential to the American way of life. Our success as a society comes from trusting individuals, not the government. 

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